Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Inside Out - Intersect Project

Recently the students from Inside Out went on a service project at the Chattanooga Rescue Mission. We started off the morning by cleaning up around the mission and the surrounding neighborhood as well. The students were great, interacting with all the neighbors and really showing what true Christian service is, love in action. In serving in this way, the reaction was overwhelming. The director of the mission recently called to pass on that he had already gotten a lot of calls and just people stopping by to say how great it was to see young people out serving and reaching out into the community. But the thing that really blew them away was how happy they were while they were doing it, and how encouraging it was to see that.

We ended up the day by helping restock and reorganize the pantries. As soon as they heard what needed to be done everyone grabbed some cans or a box, with some of the boxes weighing nearly as much as the students, and dove right in. We really do have some amazing students with true servants’ hearts.

If you are in the 6-12th grade, don't forget to join us on Sunday morning at 10am at Chattanooga Christian School for Inside Out. We can't wait to see you this Sunday.

Inside Out Director

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

To Reach People No One Else is Reaching...

OK, so there's a quote which has been stuck in my head lately. Craig Groeschel, Senior Pastor of, a multi-site church based in Oklahoma said, "To reach people no one else is reaching, you have to do things no one else is doing." Wow! Pretty challenging statement, but I believe this is very true. Why would we want to copy what others are attempting to do to reach people if it's not working. As Lead Pastor of Rock Point I have to continually keep this thought in front of myself as well as the church as a whole. What does this mean for us? Does it mean we need to be more innovative...creative...out-of-the-box thinking? Or does it mean we need to look at the simple truth of the gospel and identify ways to communicate this life-changing truth clearly? Or all of the above?

Hmmm...something to think about today.

What do you think?


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Baptisms at Rock Point

Recently at RPCC we had the opportunity of celebrating the life change of 2 ladies through baptism. At RPCC we love to celebrate the difference that a life with Jesus can make and one of the coolest ways to do this is through baptism. Check out one of the recent baptisms at Rock Point.

How cool is that! If you would be interested in being baptized at Rock Point, please check out the baptism link on our website or email