Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Turkey Day here we come...

I don't know about you, but it's rare that any Holiday really has a significant impact on my life. For some reason, we in America see Holidays as merely a day off from school, a day off from work, and reason to eat a lot of food. For me, Thanksgiving has become this. I actually often call it "Turkey Day" instead of Thanksgiving. Of course having a day off from school...work...spending time with family...experiencing a great feast...is all fine and dandy. But this Thanksgiving I wanted to stop and reflect on what I am truly thankful for. So, here is the beginning of my "Thanksgiving list 2008".

* I am thankful for my family. Sounds very cliche', but it is so true. I often don't let them know how thankful I am for them. I have the best wife and kids in the world. I love you guys!!

* I am so thankful for my church. Recently I was thinking to myself, "If I wasn't pastor at Rock Point, would I still go here?" I had to honestly say that I would! That is an incredible feeling to have as Lead Pastor. The staff and volunteer teams create such awesome environments and we have some of the greatest people in the world at Rock Point. I am truly grateful to serve with you.

* I am thankful for my small group. My wife and I have been involved with many small groups over the past 10 years of marriage, but this group is absolutely one of the best. I so much appreciate each and every person in that group.

* I am thankful for our new home. Moving from another city was definitely a transition, but our family is so grateful to be living in Chattanooga. What a great town to live in!

* Finally, I am grateful for my relationship with God. Once again, can sound very cliche', especially for a pastor, but this is so true. It's probably the relationship I most take for granted, but it is the relationship that is the most valuable. My Heavenly Father loved me enough that He sent His Son to die for me...in my place. "Thank You!" does not even come close to truly expressing this kind of gratitude. But sometimes that's all I can utter. So God...THANK YOU!

The list could go on, but I don't want to bore you. So how about you? What are you truly thankful for this year? Pause...think...reflect...make the list. Make this Thanksgiving more than just "Turkey Day"...



Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing...

Sometimes it's important for me to step back and ask myself the question, "Why?" "Why is it important to exercise?" "Why is it important to spend time with my wife and kids?" "Why should I have this meeting?".

The question, "Why?" either forces us to face up to what we're doing or revisit our original purpose. Often times this question can be a wonderful reminder and a huge motivator in accomplishing a task or mission.

Recently I asked myself this question as it pertains to Rock Point. "Why are we planting a church in Chattanooga?" The Mission of Rock Point is to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Sounds pretty simple, but I honestly can get so distracted by other areas that I forget "why" we do what we do every week. This is an unbelievable mission!! God has granted us the opportunity of introducing people who are far away from Him into a relationship with Him...He has granted us the opportunity of helping people redefine the way church looks...He has granted us the opportunity of representing Him in the city of Chattanooga!! What a great privilege! I get so excited thinking about this. When I revisit the "why" of Rock Point, I get a new found enthusiasm and motivation as to what our mission truly is.

So how about you? If you're a part of Rock Point does the thought of this mission fire you up? Often we see the church building/organization as the true "Church". By doing so, we have limited ourselves. The church goes way beyond the walls of the building you meet in on Sunday. The environments are merely the vehicle of presenting the truth of God in a real and relevant way. The mission then falls on the true "Church". Big responsibility...Big deal...Big God!

Thanks for partnering with us in this mission. I can't wait to see you all Sunday.