Monday, January 25, 2010


The past 3 weeks we have been in a series called BALANCED. In this series we are discussing the importance of having a financially balanced life. A realization that all we have is from God and we should treat it as such. We don't have money or stuff just to blow it on ourselves but to USE it wisely. When we utilize our money wisely we avoid the stress that comes with lack of margin, we experience freedom from the shackles of consumer debt, and we have greater opportunity to live generously. Sounds like a great place to be...and it is!!

Money is important to God. How do I know this? Well, Jesus (God in the flesh), spoke about money more than Heaven & Hell combined. He knows the power of it...for good...and for evil. I should say that God is more interested in how we HANDLE our money than the actual money itself. Because "where our treasure is, our heart follows". (Matt. 6:21) He's concerned with how we spend we save we waste it...and how we share it. It's a big deal to Him and hopefully it is a big deal to us!

So if you have missed out on the past couple of weeks, check them out here. And if you are in Chattanooga this Sunday, join us for a brand new sermon for a brand new topic for many of us...generosity.

Speaking of generosity, 2 weeks ago the people of Rock Point helped raise over $1,800 to send to Haiti. Thank you for being so generous!

See You Sunday